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cbd oil before surgery

As long as you’re not blood thinners, some doctors say that it’s okay to take CBD the day before surgery, while another hospital claims that you can take CBD up to four hours before your surgery.

Given the potential effects that CBD can have on surgical patients and people, you’ll need to stop using CBD at some point—but it can be tricky to pin down an exact timeframe. If you rely on CBD as a medicine, like to manage anxiety or chronic pain, you’ll probably want to take it for as long as you can.

When Should You Stop Taking CBD Before Surgery?

While there’s still an incomplete understanding of how CBD oil interacts with our bodies or other medications, there is evidence to suggest that it may not always be safe for using CBD before surgery. Research has shown that CBD can have a mild anticoagulant effect on people. So, taking enough CBD oil may thin your blood.

How CBD Can Affect You in Surgery

Some patients or people may not always have the option to give their doctor notice ahead of time, especially if it’s emergency surgery, but you should try to alert them as soon as you can.

Cbd oil before surgery

Regular ingestions of CBD, particularly CBD derived from marijuana plants, can influence how the body responds to anesthesia, according to Harvard Medical School. Anesthesia helps patients go to sleep in preparation for surgery, but a higher tolerance for marijuana-derived CBD could require higher doses of anesthesia. Doctors need to be made aware of these tolerances to prescribe the proper amount of anesthesia.

As mentioned, in regards to CBD’s effects on anesthesia, it’s important to mention to the attending doctors any regular CBD use prior to preparation for surgical procedures. Higher tolerances for CBD could influence the amount of medication required for a surgical procedure, and doctors need to know how much to prescribe to ensure a smooth surgery goes ahead.

The human body contains what’s known as the endocannabinoid system, which produces endocannabinoids that attach to nerve cells and receptors throughout the body. These receptors manage the effects of pain or inflammation within the body that prevent or lessen the brain’s ability to recognize pain, aches, or stiffness.

Effects of CBD before and after anesthesia

Surgery is a very painful procedure, though the patient doesn’t feel the effects since they’re unconscious during the operation. But there are many post-surgery pains and symptoms that afflict people in recovery, and CBD can help mitigate those symptoms.

As a natural remedy to promote health and wellness, CBD oil has benefited many people who choose to ingest it into their bodies. CBD has the ability to promote a sense of homeostasis within both the body and the mind, enabling people who experience symptoms of physical pain or mental distress to improve the quality of their lives. It’s natural to raise the question of CBD before and after surgery.

Regular doses of CBD oil can reduce the effects of each of those symptoms so the body doesn’t feel such strong pain. Additionally, CBD helps promote healthy sleep, which is vital to recovery from a serious surgical procedure.

Effects of CBD before and after chemotherapy

Before surgery is deemed necessary, patients typically undergo at least one MRI to identify any patterns in the brainwaves that could threaten the patient’s health in the event of a surgical procedure. Seizures are not uncommon side effects of an MRI, but a recent study suggests CBD can help mitigate those symptoms.

The article makes no mention of hemp, which is one of the reasons why hemp-derived CBD oil, from trusted providers, can be more beneficial to people.