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cbd mendo

Cbd mendo

Mendocino Morning Gold is a fusion of exceptional CBD oil with our award-winning coffee. With 200mg of full spectrum CBD per package, you’ll get 5-6 mg of CBD in every 6 oz cup of coffee. It is believed that a daily intake of CBD is important for it to provide its benefits but so often people forget to take their medicine. However, no one forgets their morning cup of coffee!!

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Our specialty since 1972 has been roasting great coffee and supporting just causes. When it came time to source premium quality CBD oil we decided to partner with George Bianchini, a master grower with certification from Oaksterdam University. George is a pioneer of sustainable growing techniques and has been producing the finest quality CBD from the ground up for over a decade. Founder of the Medicinal Cannabis Research Consortium of Marin and MC Farmaceutical, George is also a Cannabis Growers Cup award winner. Furthermore, to ensure the quality and consistency of the CBD oil we are using, we work with three testing laboratories.

Meet George Bianchini

Passionate about plant medicine and partnering with brands, using CBD and Cannabis to help customers achieve creative infusions with water-soluble nano CBD and Cannabis. Robert Hichens is Product Manager with 8 years diverse management experience, leading cross-functional teams to achieve incredible outcomes. From managing a FIFA World Cup stadium to delivering SaaS products that transform peoples lives through healthy eating, Rob’s roadmap has experienced a great deal. A focus on ideas that solve problems for customers and colleges, through empathy and understanding drives his passion to create solutions that achieve shared objectives and delight users.

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Quebec is the third-largest cannabis market in Canada, representing approximately 15% [3] of Canadian cannabis retail sales in the country, and approximately 22% of the Canadian population [4] . Canadian spending on medical cannabis totaled $587 million in 2020 [5] . Medical cannabis has become an important component of Canadian healthcare, with $119 million of medical cannabis purchases reimbursed by the Federal Government through Veterans Affairs Canada in 2020 [6] .

Glacial Gold™ Distilled CBD 200 Oil is a first in Canada, with the highest amount of CBD in a single unit (5700 mg), highest potency of CBD available in an ingestible format, and best dollar value per milligram for CBD in Canada.

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"The team at Mendo are experienced operators with a unique approach in Quebec that has been a major catalyst for the growth of their distribution platform," said Paul Pedersen co-founder and CEO of Nextleaf. "Nextleaf is pleased for Glacial Gold vapes and distilled oils to be available to medical patients coast to coast through the Mendo platform".

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company,
Paul Pedersen, CEO

Medicibis operates out of its 20,000 sq.ft. facility located 15 minutes from downtown Montreal in St Jean Sur Richelieu. Medicibis also operates an online portal for medical patients that ships nationwide through their website Mendo's menu has been carefully curated to offer a variety of products from licensed producers from all over Canada. Mendo is positioned to become one of the leading suppliers of medical cannabis to patients and veterans in the country.

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