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cbd massage breckenridge

Cbd massage breckenridge

Colorado licensed massage therapist at our Breckenridge locations. We are looking to hire massage therapists for all of our Breckenridge locations. We can offer full-time, part-time, and chair massage.

“The lipophilic components that remain are now on the inside of the emulsion, which can now pass to the epidermis for hydration.”

When you choose a CBD topical, you should also make sure the company has its products routinely tested by third-party laboratories and makes the results of those tests easily available, such as on their website. Lab testing of each batch ensures the quality and quantity remain consistent.

Here are a few basic facts, in case you’re just getting familiar with this topic:

Topical CBD

High-quality topicals may also explain how their products are absorbed into the skin; they may refer to this as their delivery system or absorption method, and it’s often proprietary and unique to their company. For example, Herb Tech Pharma employs “phase change technology” in which the product changes after penetrating the stratum corneum, the outer layer of skin that covers the epidermis, in order to achieve optimal absorption.

“WHAT DOES CBD DO? – Because it can be hard to squeeze self-care into your already packed schedule, you have to make the most of that “me” time—cannabidiol, a substance many people hail as a health care miracle—can help boost the quality of your self-care.”

When a high-quality topical CBD product absorbs into your skin, it can deliver many healing benefits, relieving pain, easing inflammation, and soothing skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. Treating sore and weary hands, shoulders, and back muscles to a CBD topical after a long day of giving massage is a great way to engage in self-care.

First, a Little Background

One of the first things to look at when considering a topical product is the total amount of CBD in the product. Most products will have a label or accompanying literature that, among other things, explains 1) the total amount in the entire container and 2) the amount of CBD per suggested dose.


All of our sessions are full 30, 60 or 90 minutes, so you get every blissful minute. We provide you with affordable treatments without sacrificing quality.

Summit County is at LEVEL GREEN. That means that we are open at 100% capacity. If you are vaccinated, you are free to be maskless during your visit, although your therapist may choose to wear their mask if that’s what makes them more comfortable. If you are not vaccinated, we would appreciate it if you could wear your mask for the entirety of your visit.

In the heart of Breckenridge, Colorado, conveniently perched above Main Street, our warm & inviting space is dedicated to customized massage, bodywork and facials. If you are looking to relax or seeking relief from strenuous mountain activities, come to Sol Impressions to bring body & skin back to balance. We encourage communication & offer a variety of classic & exclusive modalities. Your unique being inspires each treatment.

We are providing couple’s massage again. Yay! We are also providing the high altitude steam treatment & the soothing facial massage again, so all of our massages, facials & upgrades are currently available.


We are still committed to providing a sanitary and safe environment for our clients to receive massage therapy & facial services. We want nothing more than to remain healthy and keep our clients healthy too. Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing you!

We use all-natural and paraben-free oil, lotion and essential oils. We also have a retail area in our studio with beautiful scarves, CBD products and our famous arnica oil. Our retail products are available to purchase online and we ship for free.


Cbd massage breckenridge

Rose quartz is said to promote love in the body. Love for self and love for others. Relax and take in the healing power of the gemstones as you are lightly massaged with these warm stones. The crystals help with blocked energy on a vibrational level to help bring your body and energy level back into balance.

Specialty Massage Menu

Mountain High: Uses CBD and arnica oil to gain a deeper state of relaxation

More, More, More… we all want a little more. Massage add-ons:

60 minutes $140 | 80 minutes $185