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cbd luxe inhaler

Cbd luxe inhaler

Spilo is now advocating CBD with several athletes, particularly with NFL Legend Rob Gronkowski, to showcase the usefulness of CBD in pain management.

Using nano-particulated full-spectrum CBD oil, CBD Luxe’s Active Inhalers is fully metered for 200 puffs. An inhaler is one of the easiest and fastest delivery systems because it directly delivers therapeutic agents directly to the lungs (3 )

Spilo eventually recovered; however, the chronic pain remained. He previously used nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) of which, since 2015, was strongly opposed by the Food and Drug Administration. FDA strongly warned against the use of NSAIDs due to its inherent side effect of increasing risk to cause heart attack and stroke (1 ) .

CBD Luxe: Company Analysis

Former professional snowboarder William Spilo is the founder of Colorado-based CBD Luxe. Prior to the establishment of CBD Luxe, he broke his back at the age of 25 and had to undergo surgery to reconstruct both of his shoulders.

Spilo then tried using CBD to alleviate the pain, and subsequently learned the therapeutic effects of CBD (2 ) . He then ventured to establish CBD Luxe, and eventually partnered with B.E. Labs to improve the product and scale its production.

Product Review

CBD Luxe, an American CBD company, is offering THC-free CBD isolates extracted from organic, non-GMO hemp certified by Colorado’s Department of Agriculture.

CBD Luxe is also known for its recyclable and disposable vapor pens. Its 200 mg disposable vape pen can give 500 puffs and can be thrown away after use.

Cbd luxe inhaler

BE Labs, makers of CBD Luxe, understand that the good health and well-being of our families are the most important aspects of life. They combine diligent research, development, and intelligent minds with organic ingredients and convenient delivery systems.

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With a passion for innovation, CBD Luxe is taking the CBD community by storm. They are committed to maintaining rigorous pharmacological standards for an unmatched level of purity, quality, and efficacy. CBD Luxe specializes in micelle technology, a type of CBD Nano-cell that offers an amazingly targeted and rapid delivery method through inhalers.


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