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cbd lube edmonton

Cbd lube edmonton

How are we the best?

We have everything from newest strains, Edibles to Accessories and we are stocked up to meet your needs at all our locations. Our staff at Cannabis House are knowledgeable and are excited to provide world class customer service to all guests.

Cannabis House is locally owned and operated from Edmonton. Starting in 2018, Cannabis House is a leader in recreational cannabis industry with multiple locations in Alberta.

What we offer

Cannabis House offers many services such as cannabis education, smoking accessories, and much more. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and stress-free environment.

Many women have heard about the positive effects cannabis can have on their sexuality. According to recent studies, cannabis has a unique interaction with women’s libido and in smaller doses can boost sexual appetite. Researchers think this is due to estrogen receptors that influence how receptive our brains are to external cannabinoids. Men, on the other hand, may experience a decrease in their sexual appetite and an increase in their appetite.

There’s still so little information available around cannabis topicals and infused products that most consumers aren’t sure how they work, especially when they see the THC insignia on the bottle. The short answer is no, it can’t enter the bloodstream when applied topically.

Sex Pot is a ‘pre-lube’, so think of it as the beginning of your erotic journey, as it takes about 20 minutes to heighten arousal. Formulated by 48North’s Director of Product Innovation, Katie Iarocci, a passionate plant biologist who has extensive knowledge of cannabis physiology and phytochemistry, the sensual combination of rose, jasmine and jojoba essential oils and the aphrodisiac damiana were carefully chosen to enhance the overall experience.

The Chemical of Connection: ‘MDMA acts as super glue for our relationship’

You’d think our newly launched intimacy oil, Sex Pot, would have curious Canadians asking questions about how to use cannabis in the bedroom. Instead the first thing, asked most often out of concern, was: “Could it get me high?”

Cannabis is a powerhouse of phytochemicals and now that it’s a legal tool in the herbal toolbox, who knows where it could take us?

Antuanette Gomez, the founder of Toronto-based Pleasure Peaks, is helping women through their sexual healing journey