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cbd lipstick private label

Cbd lipstick private label

Laurelcrest operates as a full service solutions provider offering custom formulation development and manufacturing services for a variety of product categories.

Private Label Product Manufacturing

We know you have many options when it comes to private labeling CBD products. LaurelCrest set out to build a better bulk hemp ingredients supply chain and we accomplished our goal through strategic investments, partnerships, and contracts; providing our customers with the highest quality hemp ingredient solutions on the market today.

Global CBD Distribution

We offer our entire catalog for private label, including CBD tinctures, skincare products and oils.

Cbd lipstick private label

However, users report (again, this is anecdotal evidence) that isolated CBD does not work as well for pain and inflammation as full spectrum CBD.

Whether you want to create a custom formulation or private label one of our existing ones, give us a call or shoot us an email. Tell us your idea, your budget, and what you’ve been up to so far. Together we can find something that works for you – turnkey. That includes packaging, logo screen-printing or stickering, formulation, filling and assembly.

Can be used in a wide variety of products at high concentrations with no detectable smell, feel or color.

Tell me more about minor cannabinoids – What about CBG, CBN and other cannabinoids?

Meet Clean at Sephora clean beauty standards or better (learn more about our commitment to clean beauty here)

We’re your perfect match for a manufacturer. We’re skilled, transparent and fleixble.

Follow all existing FDA packaging and labeling requirements. Label following INCI names and FDA labeling rules (more on that here, where we’ve broken it down easily for you – thank us later).

Here’s some tips we have, to prepare yourself:

When we talk about cosmetics and skincare, both are made to enhance the appearance of the user, are NOT medicines or drugs, and CANNOT make claims about what they can do to change the structure or function of the body.

For now CBD regulation is up to the states – if they even want to regulate it. Most states have remained silent or have chosen not to make CBD illegal (including Indiana, where our lab is located – a traditionally ultra-conservative state;

Cbd lipstick private label

Allure Labs can provide turnkey white label solutions to the production, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality CBD cosmetics.

The CBD Market

At Allure, we work with a variety of different CBD extractions. Most commonly you will either hear full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, CBD isolate, and distillate across the marketplace.


When full spectrum oil goes through additional passes for further refinement, the term broad spectrum comes into place. Broad spectrum is taking the non-essentials out such as the chlorophyll, lipids, and waxes out and focuses on the actives within the plant which constitute of a combination of cannabinoids and terpenes.