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cbd lab testing canada

Cbd lab testing canada

We’re Canadian, independently owned and operated – Making us unbiased af .

Since 2016, Canvas Labs has specialized in Craft Cannabis Testing. We work with flower, hemp, extracts, distillates, isolates, edibles, and topical products. You name it and we’ll test it – our lab has the experience of working with several thousands of cannabis product samples.

What Is Canvas Labs All About?

If the order is not prepaid, we’ll send an invoice by email, or

Why test?

Local folks can drop off samples at our office, or

Cbd lab testing canada

3. A completed Chain of Custody form must accompany all sample submissions. Please fill in all fields. If you have questions about the form, please contact the lab.

Results are reported by e-mail to the address provided on the Chain of Custody form submitted with the samples.

Our lab completes routine testing for heavy metals in cannabis plant material and cannabis oil through our regular testing process. View our fact sheet for a detailed list of tests available and read our FAQ.

Submitting Samples

Cannabis products, such as edibles and topicals, need to be tested using validated methods, as per Health Canada regulations. We can work with you to complete the necessary validation, provide you with the validation reports and provide on-going test services to meet your needs. Learn more about method validation.

Yes, hemp can be tested to assess THC and CBD content as well as for other cannabinoids and various contaminants.

Quality Assurance

Pricing varies depending on which tests are required. Please contact the lab to discuss pricing.

Sample analysis is normally complete within 5 to 7 business days. For faster turnaround, we offer a rush service for an additional charge. Contact us for more information.