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cbd ireland

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At Hemp Heros we use Full spectrum Hemp Extract which is the highest quality of CBD to make products you can trust.

At Hemp Heros we are experts when it comes to Hemp and CBD. Our team are heavily involved in the Hemp Industry and licensed Hemp growers.

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If you are new to CBD don’t worry we can help answer all the questions and queries. We have plenty of new customers who have never used CBD before. Click the chatbot and our team of experts can help advice you on what product is best suited for you, to learn more about CBD you can also check out our faqs.

Cbd ireland

In contrast, their full spectrum CBD oils focus on the strength of the CBD experience above all else. Using CBD containing trace amounts of THC, their ultimate impact is enhanced thanks to a principle known as the entourage effect.

To understand why CBD oil has become so popular and why Orange County CBD has found such success with it, we need to first understand exactly what CBD is.

Irish law stipulates that CBD products must contain less than 0.2% THC, which is too small an amount to have any measurable psychoactive effect. This means that CBD products will not get a user “high” as some mistakenly believe.

CBD oil is at the head of this wide push in CBD popularity, with virtually every CBD manufacturer offering a CBD oil amongst their stock.

This wide accessibility hinges on a straightforward and carefully designed list of ingredients for each oil. Both ranges use an industry-standard MCT oil as their primary carrier, with the broad spectrum range enhanced with a series of natural flavourings and the full spectrum oils utilising organic terpenes to provide a more complex underlying taste.

Although 2020 was a difficult year for business in general, the CBD world weathered it extremely well. Whilst many physical shops closed their doors, the online marketplace for CBD exploded in size and variety. Today CBD can be easily purchased online and from those stores that remain open.

This means that CBD oils have a high bioavailability, giving them one of the fastest acting and strongest impacts of any CBD product. This, alongside their straightforward and easily measured application method, is a key reason why people take CBD oil.

Any good CBD manufacturer will realise the inherent strengths of CBD oils and work to build upon them. This is precisely what Orange County CBD has done, working hard to make their selection of oils the best CBD Ireland has ever seen.

This simplicity allows for the wide range of choices presented in these oils, whilst also avoiding potential allergens by avoiding unnecessary additives.