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cbd honey effects

Cbd honey effects

CBD-infused honey is just one of a growing number of ways to ingest the cannabinoid. Most people would classify it under the broad category of CBD edibles. However, it has several advantages in comparison to more traditional options like gummies or chocolate.

Is CBD Honey a Healthy Choice?

The type of CBD that you use is up to you. We prefer full-spectrum CBD oil as it contains the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes, which provide additional benefits. However, if you are concerned about even trace levels of THC, you can opt for CBD isolate instead.

How Do You Infuse Honey with CBD?

Thanks to its high nutritional value, honey may provide the following benefits:

Cbd honey effects

CBD is often mixed with other natural flavours to make it edible. Not that CBD tastes bad but it does have this earthy or grassy flavour to it which isn’t a taste that a lot of people like in their food.

It’s very similar to how you would use instant coffee. Simply open one side of the honey stick and either consume it directly or mix it with tea, coffee or the beverage of your choice.

what does CBD honey sticks do

No. All CBD oil and CBD products in the US are heavily regulated by the FDA.

CBD honey sticks makes eating and taking CBD delicious.

Will CBD Honey Sticks Get You High?

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