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cbd gummies reddit

Cbd gummies reddit

It sounds like you might be especially sensitive to the sugar content of the gummies. Perhaps what you are experiencing is a blood sugar spike followed by hypoglycemia as the insulin in your body kicks in. That would explain why the oil doesn't cause the same reaction.

Yes for me it does. I use CBD in all its forms but gummies no matter what the brand or strength always make me very sleepy. Those I save specially before bed.

I've purchased multiple brands of CBD gummies from multiple head shops and they all make me super sleepy. I've also bought CBD full spectrum oil from multiple well respected companies online (through this sub's verified vendor list) and I don't notice this affect much at all.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering if they're putting melatonin or something in the gummies. Is there a lab I could send some samples to to get tested? I don't mind paying a little bit I guess and I could post the results here.

If you were to try mints, especially those targeted at increasing energy or focus, you might have a better experience. The mints from Lucent Botanicals have only 1 calories of sugar, so are unlikely to give you much of a blood sugar spike. And the added terpenes should counteract any tendencies toward drowsiness that the CBD offers.

Cbd gummies reddit

Hey, thank you! I would actually love to know more about this. Anxiety medication does not work for me at all. I get adverse reactions to it so if I could find anything, I would be so grateful.

Hey I have anxiety also and I just bought 500mg cbd oil. is that too much? It gave me a headache lol I think I hit it too much because I didn’t feel anything the first two hits. I tried a rolled 100mg cbd joint and it was really good. How many hits do you take?

Hey dude! Some people feel relief at 10 mg. Some people need more. It won’t get you high, so I’d suggest trying another. I had a 100 mg gummy yesterday, and it was really effective. So, I’d say take another two gummies and see how you feel in 30-60 minutes, but know you can take quite a bit more if you need the help!

This is the first time taking a CBD edible. Or CBD to help with my anxiety. What mg dose should I be starting with? Was just the one 10mg fine?

You’re going to do amazing things to kick the snot out of your anxiety! Message me you want a hand! Good luck!

Thanks for the response, I appreciate the help. Is there any kind of withdrawal feelings after it wears off? Like will my anxiety be even worse once the CBD is out of my system.

If I were you I would start taking CBD/hemp oil regularly. In a few weeks you’ll really start to see a difference. A friend of mine used to take nearly a dozen anti anxiety meds and the hemp oil I turned her onto has knocked her cocktail down to 3 pills total.

Wait 60 minutes before deciding to take another one.

Yup, start low and go slow. 10mg to start and follow up with another an hour later if you feel not enough is happening. Repeat for 3-4 hours/doses and you'll know when you've had enough as you'll be too chill or sleepy. Wait for all that to wear off and try the next lower dosage from scratch. Say you made it to 30mg but felt that was too much. Take 20mg the next day and see how that feels in an hour or so. If not enough, take one more, if it was too much then maybe 15mg is your dose. Wait for these to wear off and adjust accordingly.