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We take our commitment to quality, accuracy, and transparency seriously. As a result, you can find third-party lab tests of all our CBD products on our website. These tests, run by an independent lab, give a complete breakdown of all our products. It’s just one of the ways we’re dedicated to upholding the highest standards in the CBD industry.

1500MG/ 100 Count Jar – 15MG per soft gel

Want the effects of CBD without any fluff? Each pack of our CBD infused capsules holds 10 all-natural soft CBD gel tablets. Every capsule is formulated for maximum bio-availability using a mixture of MCT oil, sunflower lecithin, and sorbic acid. Naturally-occurring hemp terpenes like beta-Caryophyllene help maximize the effects of 15 mg of pure USA-grown CBD per capsule.

Available in the Following Strengths:

About our CBD Soft Gels

Sometimes, you just want CBD without the frills. You don’t want fruity-flavored edibles, flashy drinks, thick vape smoke, or the consistency of a tincture. At nu-x®, we developed our On the Go CBD Infused Soft Gel Capsules to get straight to business.

nu-x®’s 150MG CBD Soft Gel Capsules are the perfect option for individuals looking for a consistent dosage of CBD to be taken regularly. Each pack of nu-x® CBD Soft Gel Capsules contains 10 capsules of 15MG Broad Spectrum CBD.


However, we weren’t about to sacrifice quality. Our highly-natural formulation of MCT oil, sunflower lecithin, sorbic acid combines with natural hemp terpenes, and CBD offers maximum bio-availability without any gaudy flavors or artificial colors. The end result is a low-key CBD delivery system with the same quality you’d expect from any nu-x® product.

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