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cbd gastritis reddit

Cbd gastritis reddit

Thank you. I have a friend who is going to give me tincture soon. I had enough of medications. They dont do shit

Hey hey. Got done chatting with another gastritis warrior and he also believes his was caused by stress. Just like me. My results came back normal and no h pylori whatsoever just chronic gastritis but wow I have been such a nervous kid growing up. Non stop panic attacks, anxiety, etc. It was from a traumatic event that fucked me up. Im sure I developed gastritis from stress. The dr was so confused he had no idea what to do after the endoscopy.

Oh I tossed those ppi shits out. They were fucking with my kidneys. Especially rabeprazole which is I think the strongest ppi! It was awful!

I found it helped a lot, with the anxiety that went with it as well. When you are at home relaxing with no further plans (if you are into it) I found a 1:1 thc/cbd edible was great.

I plan to try it as soon as I am through with taking omeprazole, because I can’t mix the two. I already struggle with depression and stress/anxiety in addition to gastritis, so I think it will really help me mentally and physically. (I honestly think that my gastritis was caused in part by stress in the first place.) I’m honestly excited to be healed enough to wean off omeprazole and start on CBD oil and see how it impacts me and my daily functioning. I hope it works out well for you!

Oh my gosh thanks so much. I knew gastritis and anxiety-nervousness was linked together. Im experiencing non stop panic attacks and insane nervousness for no reason. Ugh im done with all these meds they are useless.

It definitely helps you to relax and helps with the pain. But if you're taking a PPI be careful, there's research that your body can't break down the CBD and PPI together. I'm not sure the specifics but it puts hell on your liver.

Trust me gastritis does fuck with your emotions as the gut and brain axis are connected. More than sure if theres inflammation in our stomachs, we experience a misfire from our nervous system. It makes so much sense. A friend of mine is giving me cbd oil so im more than excited. I tossed the ppis out already. Rabeprazole is so strong it was messing my kidneys and liver up in just three weeks! But yes im so done being nervous! Hope it works out for you too.

Cbd gastritis reddit

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