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cbd for depression reddit

Cbd for depression reddit

I find the gummies are also great! CBD usually cancels out the effects of THC (to an extent) so any 2:1 CBD:THC gummies I find are the pinnacle of relaxation without getting all in your head because your high

I have also suffered from pretty heavy depression and anxiety. It sucks. CBD did help to elevate anxiety symptoms a significant amount. In combination it worked with my medication quite well and allowed me to deal with other issues.

Try Every Day Optimal CBD. Comes in a variety of dosages and methods of consumption.

Cbd for depression reddit

Good luck, try things for yourself and don’t always listen to what others have to say.

CBD is cool and helps a ton with anxiety but it’s expensive and hard to find. It’s actually illegal where I live in Ohio.

Will it solve your issues? Probably not on its own. You may be better off trying a combo of therapy, meds, and CBD oil at night. It gives me one hell of a good sleep, which has helped relieve some of my depression due to lack of good sleep.

I’ve been trying CBD oil for a month now and it doesn’t help with motivation. It makes me tired and I feel kinda spaced out. It helps with passing time and I highly recommend it as a sleep aid/evening chill or if you’re doing something super stressful like driving long distance/plane ride etc.

Zoloft saved my life when I wanted to kill myself. Meds don’t work for everyone, but personally I wouldn’t be alive without them.