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cbd face serum uk

Cbd face serum uk

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Eighty years on from the discovery of CBD (and thirty years on from the discovery of the ECS) we’re finally starting to see some really exciting results of long-haul studies, across all areas. And many of the millions of CBD users all over the world give rave reviews that are as glowing as their skin. It’s suitable for all skin types, thanks to its gentle and adaptogenic nature which supports the body in doing whatever it needs to do to regain balance, and it’s perfectly safe and legal too.

The consistency of the cream is thick, yet light and absorbable on the skin, and it smells like lemon curd. A couple of testers noticed a slight tingling sensation when applied, but nothing beyond a quite satisfying zing. After the first use, we found that the skin was left feeling soft and supple. After a week, dryness was well reduced. And beyond that, it provided stressed out skin with some very welcomed relief. The only downside is the plastic packaging, through and through – hopefully, that’s something that will be reviewed by the brand in the future.

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For the eco-conscious, rest assured this is a plastic-free zone – the jar is glass, the lid is wood, the box it comes in is cardboard. And what’s more, these products are made with heart. The brand was created by Tannine Montgomery, who campaigned for new medical cannabis regulations in the UK after seeing her infant daughter’s Dravet syndrome seizures dramatically reduced by high strength CBD oil in Holland. The understanding of and passion for the whole cannabis plant is noticeable in the quality of this wonderful range.

We put this one to the test on extremely sore, broken, unhappy skin, and this butter was as gentle as could be. Where nothing else had worked to heal the problem area (not even prescription creams), this one did the job in less than a week with a twice-daily application. You can’t really get a better review than that.

Cubid CBD rescue body butter, 500mg

By applying a CBD product topically, you can support the skin’s own immune system and encourage the process of healing – easing inflammation and pain transmission to reduce redness, swelling and irritation almost immediately. With prolonged use, and with the use of oral CBD too, the effects go deeper, working to rebalance your body internally and throughout the layers of the skin.

This is a fairly thick cream, so as you rub it in it really does feel like an intensive treatment, but it absorbs well (and fast) so you don’t have to worry about any sticky residue. Our testers noticed instant relief from mild to severe aches and pains, and extremely dry skin. With prolonged use, nails and cuticles appeared to be stronger and healthy too, making this a fantastic all-round hand product. And we really rate the rest of the range too.

Cbd face serum uk

CBD skin care products can be found in health and wellness shops nationwide, as well as headshops and certain supermarkets. Since the onset of Covid-19 the online retail space for CBD has exploded. Every CBD skin care product mentioned in this article can be found on their own website.

CBD skin care is a rising star of this topical range, with things like face and hand creams at the head of the pack. The easy application appeals to many people, so much so that the market today is overflowing with these products. To help you choose the right one, these are the top 5 CBD skin care brands in the UK.

Although they have a CBD infused lip balm that certainly pulls its own weight, European Hemp’s true CBD skin care star is its Santa Maria face cream. Using a series of naturally occurring ingredients supported by collagen and Vitamin-E oil, European Hemp avoids the risk of many potential artificial irritants. With wild honey adding a subtle scent, Santa Maria fits in wonderfully with most existing skin care routines.

No, CBD skin care products will not get you “high”. CBD carries no psychoactive effects whatsoever. The cannabinoid that does have a psychoactive effect is called THC. Under UK trading standards no CBD product will ever contain more than 0.2% THC, too small a concentration to have any psychoactive effect.

Will CBD Skin Care Get Me High?

Orange County CBD is a leading UK CBD manufacturer, a brand that is eminently recognisable to casual users and industry veterans alike. Their greatest strength is in products designed to support their high-quality CBD, and its CBD skin care line is no exception.

Swiss Peak CBD has a reliable place in the CBD topicals world, offering a good selection of popular CBD skin care solutions. Of these many products, it is once again a face cream that truly stands out.

Known for their clean and medicinal design, Swiss Peak’s CBD face cream fits perfectly into any respectable skin care arsenal. Another case of a well balanced topical made from conventionally effective ingredients, it excels as a conventional face cream designed around supporting sensitive skin. Infused with 350mg of their Swiss-sourced broad spectrum CBD it certainly doesn’t lack a kick either.

2. Swiss Peak CBD

Oils, edibles and capsules are all popular choices, but this isn’t the only way. Topicals have been making a big splash, with shampoos, muscle rubs and even bath bombs showing up on shelves and online stores nationwide.

CBD is a UK-legal extract of the cannabis plant. It works by interacting with the human endocannabinoid system, a series of receptors found throughout the body. The endocannabinoid system is involved in several bodily processes, including homeostasis and the regulation of internal conditions.

Cbd face serum uk

It might not be obvious due to the lack of any CBD branding but this smartly formulated, light serum is infused with sativa seed oil along with other Murad hero ingredients like neuropeptides and paracress.

Such is the popularity of cannabis skincare that has devoted an entire section to products that are tapping into the trend. As wellbeing and beauty increasingly fuse and customers are looking to traditional treatments and remedies as well as long-trusted ingredients for both, it’s no wonder then, that cannabis skincare is now smoking hot.

f all the current beauty buzzwords, none has likely more an impact than CBD – the ingredient cannabidiol, extracted from cannabis plants. Until around a year ago, it was little used as an ingredient in skincare formulas, but both established and new niche companies are racing to launch moisturizers, serums and oils all based around CBD. Here’s how to decode one of the biggest trends in beauty.

“The main difference between them is the source of what part of the plant they are from and what their micro-ingredients can do for the skin,” explains Mark Curry, co-founder of The Inkey List. “Hemp is from the seeds of cannabis plants. It’s highly rich in nutrients like omega 3 and 6, so extremely nourishing and reduces redness and irritation. Cannabidiol is mainly from the leaves, has some hydration benefits and anti-inflammatory properties.”

Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum

Anti-wrinkle omegas 3, 6 and 9, as well as skin hydrating hyaluronic acid as also works to plump and even the skin tone. After road testing this one for the better part of a month we can safely say it worked wonderfully on our stressed out sun-starved skin.

You may have noticed satvia popping up in products now as well, which again comes from hemp and is rich in skin nourishing fatty acids.

As CBD continues to rise in the beauty industry, hemp too has come back into the skincare spotlight, as the non-psychoactive properties of both are being hailed for natural skincare benefits from fighting wrinkles to easing eczema.

Disciple Miracle Drops 2.5%

The combination of cannabinoids and hemp seed oil in this superpower product worked wonders on our red patchy skin. Sustainably sourced, this adaptogen-rich formula is gaining popularity for a good reason: It just works.

A dual approach to tackling stressed-out skin, this oil can be applied topically or taken orally. Containing 2.5 per cent CBD sustainably sourced from the Rocky Mountains, (seriously) when massaged onto the skin it reduces irritation and inflammation while helping to balance the sebum production. The inclusion of hemp seed oil will soothes itching and eczema too.