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cbd education tv

Cbd education tv

Hemp Haven Chesapeake
480 Kempsville Rd Suite 104 – Chesapeake
Find them online at CHESAPEAKE.HEMP HAVEN.STORE or call (757) 609-3767
You can also connect on Facebook @hemphavenchesapeake

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PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the therapeutic use of CBD and how it could help achieve a healthier wellbeing. Hemp Haven Chesapeake Owner, Dr. Denise Foster joined us with some important information about CBD and its uses.

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Cbd education tv

Direct-to-consumer marketing can prove to be a valuable tool for hemp and CBD companies with less restrictions and a wider reach.

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With the death of Facebook arbitrage, direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketers are forced to look for new ways to drive sales more quickly than ever before. Enter TV. Once seen primarily as a branding medium, DTC brands are now using television to drive online and in-store sales. The continued growth and sophistication of attribution modeling in television has allowed marketers and their agency partners to more directly measure television’s impact on KPIs.

Looking at other media platforms for reaching potential CBD customers through advertising, terrestrial radio also provides very strict guidelines, if allowed at all; the same can be said for digital options and satellite radio. Whereas podcasts are a popular option due to regulations mostly being decided upon by the podcast’s producers, it’s hard to compare the reach to consumers of podcasts vs. television.