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cbd dusseldorf

Cbd dusseldorf

A Düsseldorf court has ruled in favor of German hemp company Hempro International GmbH (Hempro Int.), striking down a citywide ban on the marketing and sales of products containing CBD in natural extract form.

‘Illegal, inadmissible’

LANUV, in a legal assessment in April 2020, said only the sale of products containing cannabidiol as “CBD isolates” or “CBD-enriched hemp extracts” from hemp should be prohibited, but not traditionally produced natural extracts. CBD products that exclusively reflect the natural spectrum of the plant’s components do not contain such isolates or CBD-enriched extracts.

Drop of bitterness

“Once again, this shows the arbitrariness of German authorities when it comes to the topic of hemp,” Kruse said. “In the course of the ongoing legal dispute, the city of Düsseldorf has for the first time admitted and agreed with our opinion that the part of the general decree on the CBD sales ban that we objected to does not actually apply. Nevertheless, we have to pay the costs of the legal dispute, because in the opinion of the court, our right to sue on this point has lapsed.

Cbd dusseldorf

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Make sure your CBD product is HEMP derived and not from the Marijuana plant

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