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cbd drip concentrate

Cbd drip concentrate

Price featured is for one milliliter equaling 50mg+. Know your stuff and don’t be fooled by others. CBD Drip offers only the highest quality CBD on the market!

Measuring out at 50mg+ per one milliliter, this is the absolute best bang for your buck!

CBD Drip has let loose with this. Now you the customer has the availability of YOUR desired strength. Don’t be stuck buying only what other vendors can afford. The BEST has now arrived!

Cbd drip concentrate

In comparison to CBD Drip Gold, CBD Drip Platinum gives a much stronger flavor because of its higher CBD content.

Included is an eye dropper that has the same issue as the gold, it draws only so much of the CBD, usage of a larger eye dropper is highly recommended.

CBD drip gives a good sweet flavor when you vape it. Eventually it feels a little bit dry and somewhat watered down however. Although a dry hit may not necessarily be due to the product.

Like its family members, the bottle of CBD Drip Platinum edition faces can be easily broken when dropped on a hard surface, so you have to be extra cautious when handling the package.

CBD Drip Platinum is derived from the industrial hemp plant, not to be confused with the Marijuana plant, as it is safe and all natural. CBD Platinum comes in a 5mL bottle and contains 58MG of CBD. This is an extra strength concentrate of CBD. You can drip directly or add CBD Drip Platinum to your favorite E-Liquid and you will never be let down by the relaxing effects of CBD.

Smoke comes out as thick as the gold but has a stronger, more pungent effect on the throat and nasal cavities.

When unboxing it was found that the bottle is cheaply made, the translucent glass is much like the CBD Drip Gold edition although it doesn’t affect or depict the content of CBD Drip Platinum edition.

The high is expansive from the head to about the torso, with light lower body sensations. CBD DRIP Platinum is a good e-liquid to vape if you want to feel relaxed and help relieve stress and anxiety.