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The second obstacle of being Mindful is worry.

EarthE CBD for Mindfulness To Aid In Sleeping

Worry is expressed in multiple ways. We all know how intrusive worries can be when we’re trying to cultivate a Mindful state. But there are other worries that are even more detrimental than those related to paying rent and arguing with your significant other.

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Many people do not understand what Mindfulness is. Below is a general introduction to it. If you Google Mindfulness or search for it on YouTube you will find an incredible amount of information to help you. The process is very simple, and it does work in addressing stress, anxiety, and associated sleep disorders.

It makes sense, right? When we’re tired, our minds wander more freely. Being mindful requires a special type of focus and this becomes more difficult the drowsier a person is. It is something that happens to everyone, but it’s not conducive to reducing stress or anxiety.

You may not have guessed that worry and drowsiness were the biggest obstacles to Mindfulness practice, but there’s one issue that everyone complains about: pain!