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cbd dark chocolate uk

Cbd dark chocolate uk

1.6mg per gram of Chocolate


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Our hemp variety of cannabis plants are carefully cultivated in the beautiful Baltic region to create our unique patent pending Cold Press Cannabis Oil which naturally has a 3-2 blend of CBDa to CBD. Our oil is infused by a master chocolatier to handcraft our amazing chocolate buttons.

Powered by plants. As designed by nature.

Body and Mind Botanicals’ delicious, handcrafted 71% Dark Chocolate buttons infused with Organic Cold Pressed Cannabis Oil inside.

Support your everyday holistic health with cannabis infused dark chocolate buttons, a familiar and delicious way to experience the wonderful benefits of CBD.

CBD Strength:

There’s no specific time to take CBD chocolate, but we recommend taking it towards the end of the day and in the evening to help you relax when you’re at home.

You will not get high after eating CBD chocolate bar. The amount of THC is not enough to induce any psychoactive effects.

When is the best time to take CBD Chocolate?

Are the CBD products dairy-free and Vegan-friendly?

Will I get high after eating CBD chocolate?

We want you to enjoy your new-found CBD journey with a broad range of carefully selected and high-quality CBD products that are thoroughly tested. We are dedicated to the quality and adherence of all the CBD products we sell, and we ensure that we only deal with brands and suppliers that are registered and licensed to handle organic non-GMO foods and are TPD compliant.

Can I take too much CBD Chocolate?

Chocolate has an enticing appeal and you might find yourself munching on more than a few bars or balls in a day. The recommended amount of CBD chocolate to take per day is between one block to one bar per day. If you’re sensitive, you should be more cautious of the amounts of chocolate you eat because too much CBD can make you feel drowsy, nauseated and reduce alertness.

CBD chocolate is an excellent product for both newbies and experienced hands looking for unique ways to take CBD without attracting unnecessary attention.