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cbd cures tinnitus

Cbd cures tinnitus

Unfortunately, there is no cure for tinnitus yet. Most of the time, doctors try to treat the health problem that causes the problem, but they cannot directly relieve the tinnitus. As a result, patients are forced to get used to living with it. But in recent years, therapeutic cannabis has become more widely available and offers a glimmer of hope for the millions of people who suffer from this hearing condition.

Before talking about the beneficial effects of CBD on tinnitus, it seems essential to put words on this condition so widespread, yet so little understood. First of all, it is important to know that tinnitus is often related to damage to the inner or middle ear. These lesions can be caused by too much sound or pressure. For example:

Sleep disorders

To inhale CBD, it is strongly recommended to use a quality vaporizer and not to use tobacco. Indeed, the vaporizer is an accessory that allows you to inhale flowers, resins or CBD wax in a totally healthy way. By choosing inhalation, the soothing effects will be almost instantaneous.

Thanks to scientific research, we know that CBD interacts directly with the endocannabinoid system, and more specifically, on the CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors play an important role in the ENT system, especially for hearing and balance. By acting as a regulator, CBD could alleviate some of the causes of tinnitus and thus fight the root of the problem.

What are the effects of CBD on tinnitus?

CBD comes in many different forms, so it’s important to choose a format and dosage that truly works for you. To consume CBD in a healthy way, and without any danger to your health, you have the choice between the oral route, the sublingual route, and inhalation.

Cbd cures tinnitus

Despite some promising research studies, there is currently no cure for tinnitus. Doctors instead focus on coping strategies to help make symptoms less noticeable and disruptive.

Dr. Colucci’s study, published in the August 2019 issue of The Hearing Journal, showed that CBD was effective in reducing the cycle of anxiety and stress experienced by people with tinnitus. They often worry about their ability to adjust to life and ignore the ringing in their ears, which can lead to a worsening of symptoms.

What are the symptoms of tinnitus?

A new study has found that cannabidiol (CBD) might offer a solution for some tinnitus sufferers.

CBD helped patients with tinnitus-related anxiety

CBD helps patients relax, reducing stress and anxiety. When offered alongside counseling, it can be highly effective in improving their overall quality of life. Dr. Colucci’s study found the benefits continued even after treatment stopped for some patients.

Cbd cures tinnitus

In relation to stress and anxiety, one of the pioneering studies that was also referenced by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) highlights that CBD reduces stress in rats. The researchers detected lower behavioural and physiological signs of stress and anxiety in rats that were exposed to CBD.

CBD is distinctly different from THC, and it doesn’t cause any psychological effects.

We can however look at existing CBD research that may well be applicable to the symptoms of tinnitus. For example, we have known for a number of years about the anti-epileptic properties of CBD and this could well translate to tinnitus.

Existing Research into Tinnitus and CBD

There is no definitive singular cause of tinnitus, but the following can contribute:

One famous musician has been a long sufferer of tinnitus, Pete Townsend of the The Who has suffered with the condition for decades and has publicly spoken about the difficulty of living with the condition.

What is CBD?

In terms of studies that directly examined the relationship between CBD and tinnitus, perhaps the most prominent was conducted in 2020 by Cosentino et al.

Realising how CBD can potentially help sufferers of tinnitus requires an understanding of the endocannabinoid system (ECS).