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cbd construction

Cbd construction

Due for completion in early 2015, the flagship four-storey structure will provide flexible ground floor retail space together with three floors of office space, the top floor being occupied by UniMed.

The recent start to construction of UniMed Insurance’s new commercial building in Gloucester Street, Christchurch, herald’s the company’s pending, and long awaited, return to its pre-earthquake CBD site.

Christchurch UniMed Construction

As UniMed’s project and construction manager, Signal managed the initial feasibility, concept and resource consent planning phase. Signal is now onsite managing the construction and commissioning phase of the project having secured building consent from the Christchurch City Council (CCC) and completed the competitive tendering of the project to over 30 separate trade packages.

Unlike many sites in the Christchurch CBD where deep piled building foundations are required, the UniMed building has a standard foundation design as the site is located, geotechnically, in an oasis of good gravels.

Protests involving hundreds of people erupted at the union’s offices on September 20, with protesters accusing the union of not pushing back hard enough against mandatory vaccinations for construction workers.

He said door and window factories produced such a high volume of goods that their storage facilities quickly reached capacity when construction stopped, so producers were also forced to take two weeks off because they had run out of warehouse space to store the excess stock.

“Everyone’s very well excited to get back into it,” .he said. “There are a lot more hoops to jump through, so people are a little apprehensive. That has made our job a bit more difficult, but we’re getting on with it.”

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