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cbd chocolate candy recipe

Cbd chocolate candy recipe

5 Pour the chocolate mixture into your molds. This part can get a little messy so I recommend putting the chocolate into a glass measuring cup first. Only fill the molds 3/4 full.

4 Once cooled, add in the CBD oil. You can choose how much you want to add but I did 6-8 squirts, which would be the equivalent of full droppers.

As for how many of these to eat at a time, I like to do 2-3 and it gives me just enough CBD. I wouldn’t eat them all in one sitting since that is a lot of CBD oil at once. Best to be safe! However, they make the perfect dessert to share with a friend!


Chocolate is a lot of people’s favorite dessert, mine included. Since I started taking CBD oil to help with my anxiety and to help me sleep better, I wondered about all the things I could make with it infused in. CBD chocolates came to mind first and since making these yummy treats, it’s my favorite way to get my doses.

CBD oil is known to help with loads of different ailments including:

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These CBD oil chocolates are my go-to if I want to get my dose of CBD oil quickly. I just pop 2 or 3 in my mouth and go. Plus they make a sweet treat! The benefits of CBD oil are too great to pass up. I believe it can help anyone. If you get a headache, take some CBD oil. Trouble falling asleep? You know what to do. It’s a natural product that can help you, why wouldn’t you give it a try?

1 The first step is to melt them down on low heat on your stovetop in a pot or pan. I used an entire bag and plus a cup.

Cbd chocolate candy recipe

Cannabis-infused chocolates are one of the simplest recipes to learn if you have cannabutter on hand. Chocolates are also one of the favorite recipes among the searches on the CannaCook website, because of how easy they are to make, and because they make dosing easy.

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For this recipe you’ll need a few special items on hand such as candy molds and a double broiler. Of course, you can easily substitute the cannabutter for CBD butter in this recipe.

Tools & ingredients:

When shopping for chocolates, using higher quality chocolate makes a great deal of impact on flavor. You can also substitute white chocolate or dark chocolate in this recipe and yield the same results.