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cbd candles canada

Cbd candles canada

Our new, reusable glass containers also come with a wood lid! This beautiful, matt black, glass container can be reused for all sorts of things. Just rinse out any remaining soy wax with soap and hot water!

Promotes calmness

Now available in 6 of our best selling scents: Ceremony, Woodland Forest, Giving Thanks (formerly Thanksgiving), Indian Summer, Power Smudge (formerly Sweetgrass & Sage) & Smudge (formerly Sweetgrass).

We are beyond excited to finally launch our NEW CBD infused natural soy candles! We have been researching the healing effects of CBD this year and how it’s being used all over the world as a natural remedy for various pain conditions, anxiety, and stress disorders. We have been able to create an amazing new, soy candle line that infuses CBD oil with the essential oils we already use in order to provide even more powerful benefits!!

Helps relieve anxiety

Once lit, the CBD oil amplifies the therapeutic effect that the essential oils our candles already have, with the added benefit of relieving stress and anxiety. Our CBD-infused candles don’t actually smell like cannabis at all and you only smell the wonderful and unique blends of our natural scents you’ve come to know us for.

Helps relieve insomnia

Cbd candles canada

Given all the hype, we asked two editors to try the candles for themselves for a few weeks. Both reported feeling more relaxed after lighting them, though admittedly, they also acknowledged that could be due to the ritual of lighting a candle and taking a moment for themselves. Our verdict: With so much research TBD on CBD, choose a candle based on its aesthetics and scent. If it has CBD oil and that seems to help you relax more, great. Don’t expect it to, though.

Short for Cannabidiol—which, yes, is found in marijuana, but on its own, will not get you high—CBD has been snowballing in popularity over the past few years. It’s been touted as a way to reduce seizures, treat chronic pain, and relieve insomnia and anxiety, making it seem like a miracle oil for all that ails you. While studies support some of those claims (namely, seizures), more research is needed overall. Still, that hasn’t stopped people’s interest in dabbling with it, with searches skyrocketing since August 2016, particularly in Indiana, Vermont, Oklahoma, and Kentucky. To meet that need, plenty of companies have started experimenting with ways to use the oil in their products.

Candles make perfect sense: They’re often used to set a relaxing mood, so why not infuse them with something linked to reducing anxiety, with the hopes of furthering that effect? (In the promising-but-needs-more-research category, a 2017 study found that people who smelled CBD-infused essential oils experienced decreased blood pressure and said they felt calmer and more energized. The study only featured five people though, so don’t consider it gospel.)

Yield makes no claims that its candles will relieve your pain or help you sleep better at night, though they are designed to promote “clean, balanced living.” Each one’s made with sustainably sourced ingredients, featuring coconut wax and cotton wicks, and comes in soothing scents, like eucalyptus, ambrosia, and palo santo.

It Sounds Cool, But Do CBD Oil Candles Work?

If it seems like people are putting CBD oil in everything these days, you’re right. And you can add one more item to the list: Yield’s new line of candles is infused with the stuff—150 milligrams per 3.5-inch-tall candle, to be exact.

Oh, and about that scent: Yield’s CBD candles don’t give off even a whiff of hemp (in fact, a third editor took one home, not realizing it was CBD-infused at all). All of the scents were pretty mellow—more earthy than fruity or floral—and editors liked that the double-walled glass jar could be washed and used as a drinking glass long after the candle’s 40- to 45-hour burn time.

Cbd candles canada

“Once the candle is melted and flowing freely, the wax can be applied to any area of the body where physical irritation is causing an issue,” documents “Arthritis, burns, eczema, inflammation, menstrual pain, migraines, pain management, skin treatment and therapeutic massages are just a few of the conditions patients are using Wow Candles to help treat.”

The candle that won the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup award for “Best Topical,” though, was their signature hybrid strain of OG.

Oh, how times have changed! Many still remember their days as a young kid, when they would light a candle to make a room smell less like cannabis. Now, you can buy a cannabis candle to fill your home with the heady scents of some of your favorite strains.

Alternative Herbal Health Services (AHHS), based in southern California, creates a candle made from CBD that does just this. The candles can be burned and enjoyed for their scent, but once the wax is melted and flowing freely, it can be applied as a moisturizing lubricant for deep tissue massages.

Can You Get High Off Candle Smoke from a Hash Oil Candle?

So, can you get high off cannabis candles? Nope!

The Malin+Goetz candle, for instance, contains a complex blend of awe-inspiring aromatics. Piney cannabis extract is joined by notes of citrus, patchouli, pepper, and sandalwood. It’s a combination that GQ magazine describes as “an intoxicating, seductive fragrance.” Although, we wouldn’t take their use of “intoxicating” literally. The candles also got a substantially longer burn time than your average dime bag: 60 hours.

One of the most inventive uses of a candle made from cannabis is as a method for creating hot, soothing melted wax to be used as a massage oil.

Try a Massage Oil CBD Candle for Deep Tissue Relaxation

Kushed Candles goes even further by creating a whole line of fragrant jars of wax inspired by your favourite flavours of marijuana. There’s CaliforniaDream, which contains sweet tuberose and heady patchouli in addition to the requisite cannabis essential oil extract. Then there’s LavenderKush, a sultry combination of sage and fresh lavender. QueenGreen aims to capture the fruitier flavors of marijuana with its combination of mandarin, ylang ylang, and rosewood.

“The use of aromatherapy dates back centuries to monasteries and temples across the globe,” reveals Love and Marij. “Certain fragrances promote various emotions and trains of thought,” which explains why certain scents can provide an “empowering experience.”