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cbd bipolar reddit

Cbd bipolar reddit

Thank you. I've read similar things about it calming racing thoughts which is one of her major issues.

I should also point out that I smoke herbal cannabis and the times when I took the oil I had also been smoking and I'm not sure if that changed the effect at all so I'm not sure how helpful my experiences will be to you.

I've wondered about this too, but haven't found any reliable looking info.

I've only taken it a few times, a friend of mine has cancer and uses it and a couple of times I was with her she's given me some.

Yes! I've found it helps a good deal with both my physical and mental pain. There's no such thing as an overdose, but some people can get a bit anxious with higher doses, everyone is different. I assume she has a medical card and is getting it from a dispensary? If so they will definitely be able to help your wife figure out what dose and method are best for her.

In the next few days my wife is going to start taking CBD oil to try to help with Fibromyalgia pain but we've also seen that it can/might help with bipolar and/or anxiety. Has anyone tried it and if you have can you help with deciding on an appropriate dose?

From my very limited experience I can say it really slowed down my racing mind and made me feel much less anxious. The times I took it were at a stage that I was pretty manic and it wasn't long after my friend got the diagnosis so I wasn't processing the news well at all and my racing mind/inappropriate reactions/constant obsessing over the bad news were really making me feel very odd (sorry I can't describe it better than that). The oil numbed that feeling considerably and made me relax very quickly.

Cbd bipolar reddit

Had been battling intrusive throughts that didn't let me sleep and would keep my heart racing at night, had me lose confidence in my own mind, was getting worse with time. It was mild for years then got much worse after smoking 1g of THC shatter, to the point where I thought I would lose control of my speaking (tourette-like). I would have multiple triggers and they would send me into days and weeks of sadness and dispair and nervous issues.

Thanks for the info.

I usually don't feel comfortable with my patients presenting with a mood disorder treating mania or depressive episodes with CBD (or anything cannabis-related). As little as I know, THC increases dopamine activity, and can cause psychotic symptoms to be exacerbated; while CBD often only reduces psychosis and anxiety. I've seen CDB make a huge difference with PTSD or other anxiety disorders as a standalone (as many of my patients are from poor minority communities)(so much stigma towards medication, so it's cannabis or nothing at all), but I feel it isn't wise to use cannabis with bipolar disorder due to the risks; especially if you're more towards the Bipolar I DO side of the spectrum.

We simply don't know enough because of the lack of research. Most physicians I've worked alongside do not feel comfortable prescribing an antipsychotic and/or mood stabilizer when a person is also using cannabis because of the liability.

I would recommend talking to a psychiatrist before using it with meds or as a standalone treatment.

Anyone with or know someone who has treated OCD and/or Bipolar with CBD? I read some articles on it and looks like it helps but unfortunately its hard to trust random articles on the internet.

I conquered it completely with CBD and this book. Started with vaping isolate for a couple months (pretty sure I was taking more than 50mg a day, I do love to vape). Picked up the book, didn't event get into the meat of the first chapter before something clicked and I was able to have a perspective change that completely defanged my intrusive thoughts and gave me confidence in my mind back. I started running towards the triggers instead of running away from them, I can now beat the shit out of them with ease, no fear. The intrusive throughts are now pretty much completely gone now. I go weeks without being reminded of my old patterns and triggers, when I do get reminded for some reason it has no affect on me; I keep it all in the past using the train-car analogy from the book. Switched to full-spectrum after my isolate ran out, been taking it for a couple weeks now, not sure if its better or worse yet.