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cbd beeswax shoes

Cbd beeswax shoes

Maybe it’s just me, but “CBD foot cream” does not sound appealing, no matter how many times I’m told it’s a red carpet staple loved by stylists and celebs alike. But “Stiletto Cream,” a brand-new collaboration between CBD brand Lord Jones and iconic shoe designer Tamara Mellon? Or “Smoky Quartz Infusion Spray,” an elixir from CBD-and-crystals entrepreneur Mazz Hanna? Those sound like products I can proudly sink my heels into.

First off: Yes, cannabidiol is in foot care now, and it actually has been for a while. Long before Stiletto Cream was a thing, wardrobe stylists would apply topical CBD to their clients’ feet just before shoving them into sky-high heels, to help assuage the pain. (I mean, can you imagine having to break in new shoes while posing for photogs at a movie premiere?) It’s said to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, as The Zoe Report previously reported.

Want to join Kristin Bell, Sophie Turner, and Maude Apatow — who all reached for Stiletto Cream at the 2019 Emmy Awards — in slathering yourself in CBD from heel to toe? "We recommend applying the Stiletto Cream 20 to 30 minutes before you slip into your high heels to allow it to fully absorb,” Capobianco suggests. “Massage a nickel-sized amount onto each foot and go about your hair and makeup routine as you let it sink it.”

Cbd beeswax shoes

I have them, they look like the picture on Amazon in reality.

On MFA , I also see a lot of dark brown sole unlike the yellow ones on amazon.what are those?

Both of those are the same shoe. Lighting + variances in leather causes the difference you're seeing.

Cbd beeswax shoes

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