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cbd anally

Cbd anally

Using suppositories to consume CBD may seem incredibly awkward because of the many sensitive topics and social ideologies about the rectum. However, this method has many benefits that you should consider.

Suppositories are not a new health trend. They go back thousands of years as archeologists have found molds of suppositories in 12th-century apothecaries. Also, people have been using cannabis for healing since around 5,000 years ago.

When using CBD suppositories, be sure to follow instructions carefully. Also, read the product label to determine if the suppository is designed for rectal use, vaginal use only.

The 2018 Farm Bill made hemp and hemp-derived products legal on a federal level. However, the regulation of hemp, CBD, and other hemp derivatives was put into the hands of the state legislature. Every state has its plan on regulating hemp products under the approval of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

CBD Safety and Side Effects

Some of the mild side effects of CBD include dry mouth, drowsiness, and lethargy. It may also cause diarrhea, but this is usually caused by the contents and quality of the product.

The best extraction method so far is the CO2 method. Carbon dioxide is cooled to the point that it reaches a liquid state. The hemp is mixed with the liquid, and both are subjected to high pressure to achieve infusion. It is an expensive method that requires proper equipment and facilities, but it produces an extract that is safe, potent, chlorophyll-free, and solvent-free.

The best practice is to start with a small dose of CBD, around 5 to 10 mg, depending on your body weight and age. After trying this dose for a few days, you can increase the quantity based on how your body reacts to the cannabinoid. Increase your dose gradually until you reach an amount that delivers the desired effects.

Product Selection Method

Clench the muscles of your buttocks together as you flex the inner muscles of the anus by approximately 3-4 seconds to prevent the suppository from slipping out of the anal cavity.

There is a wide variety of CBD suppositories, and some are rarely safe for rectal and vaginal use. Others are limited to anal insertion only. In this discussion, we focus on products designed to be inserted rectally.

Cbd anally

Yep, some lubes have both. (You can legally buy ’em if you live in one of these 11 U.S. states.) According to some users, THC-infused lubes have the capacity to heighten sexual arousal even more than CBD lubes. While there’s evidence that cannabis can influence female sexual function, more research needs to be conducted to know for certain.

“Thankfully, everyone has a butthole,” says Sophie Saint Thomas, author of the upcoming book The Little Book of CBD for Self-Care.

As for men, putting CBD lube on your junk “doesn’t do much . except lubricate,” Mustone says. However, you might see some added benefits if you use it on your butt; like the vagina, the anus is lined with mucous membranes, which allows for better absorption of CBD.

Here’s everything to know about it—including the best products to try.

What should I look for when purchasing CBD lube?

“If you can, find an organic, full-spectrum CBD lube,” St. Thomas says. “There is an expression in cannabis, ‘the more the merrier.’ It means that individual cannabinoids, like CBD, work better when you leave in all the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and other nice plant products.”

Given that CBD lube companies are popping up everywhere, how do you know you’re buying high-quality CBD lube?

“CBD [reportedly] reduces inflammation, so for women who may experience pain or discomfort during intercourse, a CBD lubricant is your best friend,” explains Angela Mustone, founder and president of the CBD-infused lube brand High On Love. “Not only does it help reduce pain, but it also may help to relax the muscles and may increase blood flow.”

What are the benefits of CBD lube?

First, a refresher on what CBD is. There are two major chemical components in the cannabis plant: THC and CBD. THC—short for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol—is the stuff that gets you high. CBD doesn’t. It can, however, potentially impart feelings of relaxation and calm: While scientists are still in the early stages of CBD research, early animal and human studies have pointed to CBD’s anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties, according to NPR. In a recent 2019 study of 72 participants with anxiety and insomnia, four out of five participants reported lower levels of anxiety, and two-thirds reported better sleep after taking 25 milligrams of CBD every day for a month. Additionally, the Mayo Clinic reports that CBD can be an effective anti-seizure medication.

You might be wondering: Does lube with THC in it. get you high? The FAQ section of Foria Pleasure, a sexual wellness brand, answers this question: “The majority of women who try Foria Pleasure topically report they do not get ‘high’ and their experiences are of a more heightened sensation around sensual acts.” St. Thomas says it might happen if you’re using it in your anus, as “the lining of the rectum is thin.”