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cbd 350 vv pen review

Cbd 350 vv pen review

Shenzhen Dican Technology Co.,Ltd, is a professional enterprise integrated manufacture and design center. Specialized in CBD Oil Cartridges, Vape Pens , Disposable CBD Pens, Vape Pods , Wax Vaporizer , Disposable eCigarette, Dry Herb Vaporizer. etc.

Since the establishment in 2015 , We have expanded rapidly and had set up new advanced factory with over 3000㎡ and over 150 skilled workers. Commited to customer demands oriented principles, we are keeping effectively research advanced vape technology and produce affordable price , premium quality , healthy and safe products for vapers .

Cbd 350 vv pen review

Moon Rocks Delta 8 THC 7 grams or 28 grams

Vape Pen Battery 510 thread / Vertex USB Charger kit 350 mAH VV Battery

Delta 8 THC Pineapple OG Vape Cartridge 1ml

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Full Spectrum Watermelon CBD Vape Cartridge Refill 60ml 1000mg

This 510 thread battery connection which mean you can use this on just about most vape cartridges. The Vertex battery 350 VV can be used on atomizers for e-Liquids, concentrates or even dry herbs. You just need to find the chamber or cartridge.

The Vertex 350mAh VV battery kit blister pack is the perfect vape battery for anyone looking to use something simple yet powerful. Just like the name says, it comes with a variable voltage setting option. It also has a 350mAh battery.

This battery is very discreet but most of all, it’s super simple to use. To use the Vertex 350 VV slim battery kit, click the fire button 5 times quickly to turn it on. Holding down the button will start the heating process. Click the button 5 times quickly to change the different voltage settings.