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carmagnola selezionata cbd

Carmagnola selezionata cbd

CS Selected Carmagnola is an industrial dioecious cannabis strain that has been tested for years in the northern and southern fields of Italy. Carmagnola CS has been developed to increase the percentage of long fiber contained in the stem to promote the Italian textile hemp chain. Thus, this variety is identical to the “mother” Carmagnola in terms of strength, yield cycle and structure.


The Carmagnola Selezionata (or also called Selected Carmagnola / CS) is an Italian industrial hemp strain with dioecious features which is particularly used for fibre production. Due to its natural THC content falling below 0.5% and a high CBD content of 7-8%(?) it can it legally grown across Europe. With a relatively long vegetative cycle of 170-190 days, the hemp seeds have to be sown out in between April to end of May allowing the plants to grow to a height of up to 5.5 metres. However, if the desired plant height is not as high as 5.5 metres, the seeds can be planted until June allowing the plant to grow to 2.5 metres in height. Indoor the plant starts to flower 8-9 weeks after being planted, outdoor in August.

It is one of the most widely used stamps and has a high CBD content of good quality.

The utilization of stable proprietary genetics for the broad acre production of hemp is considered a strategic imperative. Oroverde Genetica is a Canadian and Italian based hemp seed genetics company, owning the global rights to the original landrace varieties, Carmagnola genetics (Carmagnola & Carmagnola Selezionata CS).

Oroverde Genetica will also develop F1 hybrid varieties that utilize the core genetics of hardy, proven and reliable varieties, then combine with higher CBD and biofibre to produce a proprietary hybrid with a proven genetic base for the varietal weather and soils of KF Hemp Corp.’s IPGrow™ while layering a cannabinoid and biofibre yield profile.