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In addition to CBD Simple™, PhytoSphere Systems is responsible for developing CBD-rich hemp oil products like Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO)™ — the highest quality, all-natural, super concentrated CBD nutritional supplement on the market today; Cibdex™, an everyday CBD-rich hemp oil supplement available in 100mg and 500mg tinctures and 25mg vegan capsules; and Cibaderm™, a CBD-rich hemp oil infused personal care line that includes first-of-its-kind hair care, body care, lotions and salve.  

PhytoSphere Systems is a global phytocannabinoid biotechnology company based in San Diego, California and a wholly-owned subsidiary of CannaVest Corp. (OTC:CANV). The company utilizes advanced cultivation methods and state-of-the-art processing technology leading to development of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food products.

Company Earns Unprecedented Third Consecutive Highest CBD Concentrate Award From Prototype Industrial Hemp Oil

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“We are encouraged by our repeated success at High Times Cannabis Cup competitions around the world,” says Dr. Hartsel. “The increased visibility we are receiving has resulted in a number of inquiries about our CBD-rich hemp oil, and we are proud of the quality, consistency, and supply we provide. Our team has worked very hard to maintain this level of excellence, and we look forward to the increased demand for our award-winning product.”

The only addition that the author made to the patient’s treatment regime was the CBD oil. At the same time, the patient’s other supplement therapy was discontinued to simplify treatment, as no clear benefit was demonstrated. The initial regimen was 24 mg of the CBD oil, with 6 sprays PRN during the day and 2 sprays QHS. The dosage was gradually decreased from 24 to 18 mg, with the patient using no sprays during the day and 6 sprays at bedtime. The patient was seen for monthly appointments, including readministration of the PSQI and the HAM-A to evaluate the effectiveness and proper dosing of the CBD oil. CannaVest Company (Las Vegas. NV, USA), which had no involvement in the case study or distribution of the product, provided the CBD oil that was administered to the patient.

Abbreviations: PSQI, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index; HAM-A, Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale.

The patient was a 27-year-old male who presented with a long-standing diagnosis of bipolar disorder and a daily addiction to marijuana. His presenting concerns included erratic behaviors, anxiety, inconsistent sleep patterns, and irritability. He currently lives with his parents, works as a self-employed driver, and teaches chess to children. Informed consent was received from the patient.

Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale

Clinical observations of the patient’s erratic behaviors, mood swings, and disorientation, together with the patient’s self-report of daily marijuana use, reinforced the diagnoses of bipolar disorder and addiction. He was administered the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI)17 and the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A)18 prior to initiation of the CBD oil.

Abbreviations: THC, tetrahydrocannabinol; DEN, daily essential nutrients; cap(s), capsule(s); TID, 3 ×/d; BID, 2 ×/d; THC, tetrahydrocannabinol; PRN, when necessary; QHS, every bedtime.

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In time, the patient’s marijuana habit progressed to addiction. In May 2015, it was recommended that he begin taking CBD as a way of transitioning off the daily marijuana use and stabilizing his erratic moods.

Although studies have demonstrated the calming, anti-inflammatory, and relaxing effects of CBD, clinical data demonstrating the use of CBD to obtain help in marijuana withdrawal is minimal. One prior case study by Crippa et al16 documented the positive effects of using CBD for the treatment of marijuana withdrawal. The current case study offers further evidence that CBD is effective as a safe method of transitioning off marijuana without unwanted side effects.