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can cbd cause anger

To evaluate the effects of CBD, Lisboa and her team gave one group of the aggressive mice CBD injections ranging from five to 60 mg/kg of body weight. Then, these angry mice went through the “resident intruder test.” In this test, scientists introduced angry mice to a new friend, then waited to see whether CBD impacted the way these isolated mice lashed out.

Overall, mice that received any amount of CBD attacked the “intruders” less than the mice who didn’t get any CBD, and mice that got intermediate doses of 15 to 30 mg/kg spent less time attacking the intruders than controls.

CBD and Aggression

These results may appear to hint at an explanation for CBD’s chill reputation. But corresponding author Sabrina Lisboa, Ph.D., a post-doc at the University of São Paulo’s Ribeirão Preto Medical School, tells Inverse that they bolster the idea that CBD might have potential as an anxiolytic (a treatment for anxiety) or as an anti-depressant.

The study focused on mice that had experienced fairly bleak circumstances. First, they were isolated for ten days, leading them to become aggressive and attack others once they’re re-socialized.

A Good Start, but a Long Way to Go

The authors concluded that their results demonstrated a connection between CBD and reduced aggression. When they probed their results in detail, they discovered CBD-related biochemical changes that may explain what they saw.

Can cbd cause anger

Broad spectrum CBD products don’t contain the THC molecule.

Are there any bad side effects of CBD?

An optimal CBD dosage exists and can be calculated to help you find the dosage that meets your needs best.

Can CBD oil cause irritability?

Even though CBD is typically used to ease anxiety, depending on the dose, you may experience undesirable effects.

Can cbd cause anger

Men­tal health ill­ness caus­ing depres­sion and stress can also be a res­ult of anger and may lead to oth­er men­tal health issues like insom­nia. A mix­ture of symp­toms will cre­ate a lack of attent­ive­ness, prob­lems at work, and dif­fi­culties with rela­tion­ships.

Anger does not merely affect your mood or rela­tion­ships. It can also severely affect your health and can make you a house of vari­ous stress related dis­eases like high blood pres­sure, heart dis­eases, and a deteri­or­ated immune sys­tem.

CBD aids in block­ing the enzymes that break down AEA, thereby, help­ing to extend its pain block­ing effects. CBD also helps to raise the amount of AEA in the body and helps indi­vidu­als who may be defi­cient in the chem­ic­al.

Anger Issues and Their Effects

The reas­on being that they are rap­idly absorbed by the blood, par­tic­u­larly if taken sub­lin­gually by pla­cing under­neath the tongue.

Epi­neph­rine is released in the body in response to excite­ment, nervous­ness, anxi­ety, and ten­sion and ini­ti­ates the “fight or flight” response in the body.


This can also be a fight response for sur­viv­al. For most of us anger is a short-term state of mind and post an out­burst we can con­tin­ue with our lives nor­mally like everything was good and nor­mal.

CBD is a phytocan­nabin­oid extrac­ted from the hemp vari­ety of the can­nabis plant and has proven effect­ive for indi­vidu­als with anxi­ety or mood swings.