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c2n cbd e

C2n cbd e

Sadly, I'm just an employee in our office and not a vendor, so I don't have access to tool box to get that information.

Thanks – Yeah, we've gone and done the acquire process, and i've double checked that the switch is seeing the gateway (same method of 3 taps and 1 hold for 2ish seconds). It's seeing the gateway, but then doesn't allow us to turn on or off the lights. I've let our facility manager know that it's time to bring our vendor back out to diagnose what's going on for these switches.

If you’re having to reboot something often, there is a problem, the reboot is a band-aid.

What does the RF ID listing for the switches look like in tool box?

Place the light switch into acquire mode by pressing the top button 4 times and holding the 4th time (press + press + press + press/hold). Wait for LEDs to blink, then release. LED will slowly blink if successful the LEDs will be solid for 5 seconds.

Operations & Installation Guide – DOC. 6346A

For maximum flexibility in all configurations, a complete set of button caps and spacers in three sizes is included with every keypad. The installer can customize and configure up to six backlit caps, for “rocker” left/right action, single press operation, or press and hold mode—up to 18 functions in total.

The Crestron ® C2N/C2NI-CB Series Cameo keypads are a new generation of wall-mounted user interfaces that can be part of any Crestron total solution control system network (Cresnet ® ). The keypads are available in three versions: C2N-CBF, Flush Mount (no back box required) for domestic and international installation; C2N-CBD, Standard Mount (Decora ® style), back box installation, for domestic installation; and C2NI-CBUK, Standard Mount, optional UK-style back box, for UK installation.

Cameo™ Keypads: C2N/C2NI-CB Series • 1


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• Exclusive flush-mount, Decorator style, or traditional mounting installation

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