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/>Say goodbye to recurrent vaginal infections! Want to buy Daye’s new ProViotic? Shop now />

/>Say goodbye to recurrent vaginal infections! Want to buy Daye’s new ProViotic? Shop now />

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Daye Cannabinoid (CBD) Tampon White Paper

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Buy cbd tampons

Delving into the alternative world of CBD tampons and find out how they provide all-natural pain relief for period pains.

CBD tampons: your guide

“The first gender gap that we want to close is the gender pain-gap. Over-the-counter painkillers have never been tested on the female physiology and carry a plethora of side-effects (like gastrointestinal inflammation), so at Daye we have spent time researching and developing the patented CBD tampon to provide a safe and effective alternative.”

Are CBD tampons and CBD infused tampons the same?

In the meantime – keep reading for your complete guide to CBD tampons.

While topicals are tricky with menstrual relief, suppositories can have a lot to offer.

"It might be possible that CBD could have an impact on vaginal symptoms including discomfort during menstrual cramps or sex since the lining of the vagina has cannabinoid receptors in it," she says. "However, there are little to no studies done on using CBD vaginally. There still needs to be formal testing to confirm efficacy, safety, side effects, and adequate dosing."

Fallshaw expands on this, noting that it's difficult for the body to absorb CBD through the transdermal layer of skin. "Topical CBD products are good for athlete recovery and surface-level muscular pain relief, but not for pain that is deeply internal—in your vulva, cervix, or intestines," she says. Because of this, she's not a huge fan of any topicals for PMS or feminine pain relief, however, she does stand behind CBD-infused chocolates (like Phasey Period Chocolates) or other edibles (like Dosist's CBD+ Calm Gummies), as they're ingestible and better absorbed.

Keeping up with the surge of "cure-all" wellness fads is a job in and of itself. In our column Wellness Inspector, we do the work for you, closely examining these trends to see if they're worth your hard-earned pennies—or whether they're just hype.

Can CBD feminine products help with menstrual cycle symptoms?

Although Dr. Sekhon notes that, in theory, CBD products can be beneficial for menstrual symptoms, she doesn't currently recommend purchasing CBD products for the vagina since we don't have a full understanding of their impact just yet. Since CBD is largely unregulated, she recommends consulting with your doctor before looking into CBD as a self-treatment.

"When you take a CBD suppository, the oil is absorbed through the large blood vessels in your [vagina or bottom] and then is instantly released into your bloodstream," Fallshaw explains. "When you take a capsule or edible it has to make its way through your GI tract and into your liver, and then into your bloodstream—a much longer process." Additionally, she points out that your body absorbs more of the CBD when taking CBD suppositories. "Essentially a portion of everything you eat is eliminated," she explains. "Taking a CBD suppository removes these variables, so you get more of the cannabinoids you paid for. And you feel the effect much faster."

While CBD can be beneficial for general inflammation, Dr. Sekhon says that the jury is still out on whether or not it can actually assist with menstrual cramps. "There is no plausible mechanism by which CBD could impact the hormonal functioning of the menstrual cycle," she adds.

Is it safe to use CBD tampons and pads?

CBD is naturally antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. "These properties bring immense benefits to the very common issues people with vaginas face," says Lindsay Wynn, the founder of Momotaro Apotheca, a wellness brand that specializes in products for vulva owners. "Whether you experience common itching or irritation from hormonal changes, or want to address symptoms and pain from anything from sexual activity, bacterial vaginosis, or yeast infections, CBD can be helpful." That said, she says that it's important to remember that cannabis and CBD products are not always a replacement for conventional remedies, but can be a great addition, as more studies need to be conducted.

Knowing what we know about CBD's anti-inflammatory benefits, it's simple to assume that CBD-infused feminine care products could lead to less painful menstrual cycles. But, does it actually work? To find out, we chatted with a few experts in the field, including an OB-GYN and a sampling of brand founders, for everything there is to know about CBD in feminine products. Keep scrolling to brush up on the topic before adding the supplement to your down-below routine.