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buy cbd canada reddit

Buy cbd canada reddit

Looking for good deals but there are so much suppliers that I dont know whos the best. Anyone has experience? Btw I want to try CBD because I have Tourette Syndrome and Ive heard many many saying that CBD helps alot..

Licensed producers, honestly. They provide more in each single purchase bottle per volume and are also usually verifiably full-spectrum and offer quality vetted production.

Buy cbd canada reddit

I've read from numerous sources if the CBD has 0.7% or less TCH its completely legal.

I’m East Coast and this is where I get mine. I wouldn’t worry too much about ordering it. It’s cheap and it works amazing.

Try CBDmods based in UK, ship internationally

I live near Toronto Ontario in Canada and have been wanting to look into trying CBD oil for help with anxiety and sleeping if possible. But I want to get it from somewhere official not the ‘grey market’ people seem to be calling it.

Some of the rules have changed and we are trying to limit discussion of sourcing on the subreddit. I know its important when it comes to CBD, so we set up a community resource for you to use with everything related to CBD, including the important stuff. You can use it for the vetted list and information. The website is, Enjoy! This is a bot, if this is off topic please ignore!

Can someone recommend a Canadian site for good CBD oil. Thanks a lot.

Thanks will try

I second this. We buy CBD oil from here as well. I've checked dozens of other MOM sites, and it was the one I confidently placed my first order from. Shipping is pretty quick as well.

Not of the MOMS sell it? Or is that grey market.

Buy cbd canada reddit

OCS has none? And the local cannabis store in Ottawa that I checked had some but it was only 25mL for like $60 and each mL contained only 10mg of CBD. That is a lot of $ per dose. I had a couple bottles of Liiv but they are out of that. It was a better deal, like 20 mL but each mL had 25mg CBD. It was $60-$70 I think.

Where can I get a large supply of CBD oil? I want to consume 25mg per day and have like a 100 day supply. The online choices are overwhelming I have no idea who is reputable, etc. Thank you so much.