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bulletproof cbd blend

Ready to start your day with a major dose of awesome? We’ve taken two seemingly unstoppable wellness trends, CBD and bulletproof coffee, and combined them into a delicious and powerful way to wake up your body and mind.

Start by brewing your favorite local coffee (we used Burlap and Bean‘s Peru la Florida), using whichever method you prefer. Then, add grass-fed butter and a bit of XCT oil, which is basically only C8 and C10 MCTs, which metabolize super efficiently into ketone energy.

Bulletproof cbd blend

This recipe is super simple – just make sure your coffee is cool before adding the CBD coconut oil (or CBD tinctures ) because you never want to heat CBD over 350 degrees. It doesn’t need to be room temperature because who wants a cold cup of coffee. But make sure the CBD isn’t added to boiling hot coffee!

The combination of caffeine and healthy fat can really rev up your energy early in the morning, keep you full longer and won’t leave you feeling jittery because the fat helps slow down the digestion of the caffeine. You can of course make a decaf bulletproof coffee.

I first tried Bulletproof coffee in 2015 when I attended Paleof(x). And just like CBD , Bulletproof has been a buzzword in the health and wellness industry. Bulletproof coffee combines organic coffee with a high fat like MCT oil, coconut oil, or grass-fed butter.

CBD Bulletproof Coffee

Health benefits of Bulletproof Coffee include:

You can use CBD Coconut Oil – I used Biovelle . Or you can use regular coconut oil and add CBD tinctures. My favorites to add are Evo Hemp , Tonic_CBD OG or CW_Hemp Mint Chocolate!

And remember, for more information on CBD and how to cook with it, check out Rooted With Love Get Grounded Guide!