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best cbd ratio for anxiety

Best cbd ratio for anxiety

If you feel anxious after taking THC on its own, pairing it with CBD can help reduce the psychoactive impacts of THC. A ratio higher in CBD may be better for anxiety patients who want the relaxation of weed while also enjoying the benefits of CBD.

Anxiety disorders range from a generalized anxiety disorder, which refers to considerable worry and stress about many things, to more specific anxieties, such as social anxiety or agoraphobia.

Here are some of the other optimal CBD to THC ratios based on the current evidence so far:

CBD interacts with the GABA receptors, which are responsible for the body’s experience of stress or anxiety. GABA activity promotes feelings of calm, and cannabinoids promote that activity.

CBD & THC Ratio for Anxiety: What Dose Should I Take?

Our simple CBD dosage calculator is a great way to figure out your ideal dose after determining the ratio you want.

THC and CBD also interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors to both inhibit stress response and lower the psychoactive effects of CBD when taken together [2]. Both cannabinoids work to calm the muscles and nerves, offering physical relaxation for anxiety sufferers who find themselves clenching their teeth or tensing their muscles.

The Benefits of THC and CBD For Anxiety Include:

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Anxiety is the feeling of excessive worry, which becomes a medical condition when it impacts several aspects of your life, such as work, relationships, and physical health.

CBD and THC gummies and oils can be used for ratios because you can easily cut the gummies or measure the oil. You can also buy CBD:THC ratio products that are already mixed for you at dispensaries or online.

Best cbd ratio for anxiety

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