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best cbd cream

Best cbd cream

After being in the industry for years, Penguin can hold its own against anyone. With subscription pricing knocking off 20%, this is another great value go-to, especially if you don’t want to bother with a lot of choices. As a straightforward topical cream, Penguin certainly has earned their title as best value.

Price: $59.99 one-time purchase or $41.99 with subscription

● Free Shipping: R+R offers free shipping to all 50 states as well as subscription discounts.

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Highly functional product

● Lab Testing : Any brand worth taking is going to submit their CBD products to an independent lab for research and testing. This is vital for not only the consumer to understand what they’re taking but the brand as well. Lab tests aren’t just a marketing gimmick but rather an overview of consumption. It’s a goal of CBD to be more transparent than a lot of other industries when it comes to disclosing what’s in their products, with lab testing at the forefront.


● No pesticides used in the growing process.

● Low price tag compared to other options.

Best cbd cream

However, more trials are still necessary before we can draw any firm conclusions. In addition, while animal studies are a great start, more experiments need to include humans if the results are to be seen as relevant for us.

The body butter has a low potency, so you cannot use it for more serious pain symptoms. In addition, the targeted topical cream can feel a bit greasy when you apply it, which some people don’t like.

Both topicals are tested by an independent lab for potency and purity.

Of course, the application process goes a bit differently with a roll-on bottle. You just apply however much you need on your skin, and then you can either rub it with your hand some more or not do anything at all.

How Do the Best CBD Cream for Pain Works?

Shopping online is also better for your budget. There is no middle man between you and the supplier, meaning that the products will be cheaper. You also get to take advantage of sales, promo bonuses, and coupons to get an even lower price. That is often not possible in stores.

As we have mentioned, the Medterra cream and gel are isolates. That means that they cannot give you the entourage effect, which might make the topicals slightly less effective.

The company makes all its topicals from organic hemp and uses all-natural ingredients. All of this is confirmed by an independent lab that tests each batch for potency and purity.

Any Disadvantages?

Apart from the cream, this company also produces a cooling roll-on gel. However, it comes in only one strength: 250 mg of CBD in a 2-ounce container. This gel is better for pain caused by inflammation, as it can help cool down the affected area.

Though the company is known for its CBD oils and gummies, its topicals are just as high-quality, as it makes sure all its products meet the highest standards.