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berry wine cbd

Since size and breeds of animals vary, it’s best to calculate your pets CBD intake by using a weight multiplier like we have included below:

Shipping & Packaging

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(15) 10 MG CBD Jerky = 150 MG Total

Product Information

Type: CBD Pet Treats
Quantity: Based on specific product.
Notes: CBD treats used by our 9 month old Frenchie, “Berry Wine.” A ZERO THC product infused with bio-available CBD derived from Hemp Isolate.

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(20) 7.5 MG CBD Bites = 150 MG Total

Berry wine cbd

Effect: 8/10
Despite the relatively lower CBD totals (13%) and legal thc limit (0.3%), this bud is very relaxing. One bowl got me relaxed and ready for bed, a second bowl had me cheesing at the TV and eating potato chips.

Taste/Smoke/Appearance: 4/10
The bud is very dry and crumbles easily between your fingers. Because of this it is very harsh to smoke. The buds are mostly trimmed well, though there are occasionally fan leaves left intact. There seems to be a lot of long stems, though I’d imagine they had bud on them, it just crumbled away during shipping because it’s so dry. I think much of this could be remedied with a cigar humidifier, or an orange peel.

Berry Wine. 13% CBD
Lineage: Berry Exotic x Cherry Wine.

Price: 10/10
I got this during their Black Friday sale. Bought an ounce for $1 a gram ($28).

Shipping stealth: 8/10
It could be a little better if they used food savers, but the did seal the herb into two bags. There was no detectable smell from outside the packaging. But they ship in envelopes rather than boxes which can lead to smashed buds.

Overall Score: 6/10
I would absolutely buy it again for the effect, especially at the low price point. It sucks that the bud is so dry, I imagine that’s what prompted the sale price, was the poor cure on it, they over cured it. I’m fairly confident it will improve after I re-humidify it. After adding moisture to improve the smoke I may improve the score.